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Quantum Explorers by IBM

News from Dr. Radha Pyari Sandhir and IBM!

We're hosting a special guest session on August 30 for those participating in our Quantum Explorers game-based learning program!

Title: Quantum Odyssey: Turning Quantum Computing into a Video Game

Event Description: Quantum Odyssey ( is both a learning platform and a puzzle game that teaches the player how to build their own quantum algorithms.Laurentiu Nita, the creator of the software will show you how you can create your own algorithms by using the visual rules depicting complex vector-matrix multiplications within Quantum Odyssey.

Date: August 30

Time: 9:30 PM KST | 6 PM IST | 8:30 AM EDT. (View this in your own timezone here:

Location: Online, link will be shared in the Quantum Explorers Discord server (accessible through the Quantum Explorers portal after registration)

If you'd like to tune in, please register for Quantum Explorers here:

Quantum Explorers is IBM Quantum's self-paced, game-based quantum computing learning program. The program is beginner-friendly, though it increases in difficulty as achievements are unlocked. The program is comprised of engaging study materials, seminars, gamified achievements to unlock, community events, and career advice. We conduct a number of these fun community sessions for our Explorers! (Fun teaser: our Explorers will be participating in the Global Quantum Game Jam in September:

If you've been wanting to learn quantum computing, and if you're interested in quantum games, now is a great time to register:

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