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  • What is Quantum Odyssey?
    The world’s most complete, fun, engaging, all-visual, no-code, rigorous-to-science, feels-like-a-video game standalone, self-paced learning platform capable of turning a non–expert into an actual Quantum Computing practitioner. Be at least 12 years old and have a general interest in immersive story-based puzzle games. We eliminated all the other prerequisites associated with the field by covering everything within the Odyssey.
  • Why Quantum Literacy Matters?
    It is estimated that more than 80% of our technologies are based on our understanding and application of quantum. The Quantum Computing industrial revolution is taking off, which means new ideas and jobs as yet unrealised will become possible. These jobs will require a quantum literate workforce with various interdisciplinary skills.
  • Has Quantum Odyssey undergone feasibility studies?
    Yes! Quantum Odyssey has been tested on the UK market with UKRI grant BB/T018666/1 and by various other NGOs that we worked with in the past. We’ve extensively tested our learning methods through educational research grants, garnering impressive results. Over the years, Quantum Odyssey collected a massive amount of user feedback and testaments that it does indeed fast-track learners in the field of Quantum Computing.
  • Are there any prerequisites to learn Quantum Computing using Quantum Odyssey?
    No Previous Experience Needed! Join us if you: - Have a burning passion for video games and yearn to delve into a mysterious world veiled behind our reality. - Possess a relentless curiosity to unearth new patterns and concepts that form the bedrock of our Universe. - Are ready to embrace an open-minded journey that will stealthily turn you into a Quantum Computing guru. What you don’t need: - A high school diploma or external validation for your quantum learning journey. - Prior knowledge or interest in Mathematics, Physics, or Computer Science. - A competitive streak. Quantum battles are part of the adventure, but participation is entirely up to you. Dive into the heart of quantum mysteries – no prerequisites, just pure exploration and fun!
  • Can Quantum Odyssey be used in a traditional educational setting to teach Quantum Computing?
    Yes! Quantum Odyssey stands as a premier educational tool for educators aiming to bring the intriguing world of quantum computing and physics to life in a dynamic and interactive way. Its design to seamlessly integrate with traditional curricula, providing students with hands-on exploration of quantum concepts, has made it a favored choice among universities, non-governmental organizations, and organizers of science outreach events. If you're interested in enriching your educational offerings with Quantum Odyssey, we invite you to reach out via email or using our Contact form. By doing so, you'll not only gain access to more detailed information but also enjoy exclusive discounts tailored for educational use.
  • Can I purchase Quantum Odyssey licenses in bulk for an event I am organizing?
    Absolutely! We're thrilled to hear about your interest in Quantum Odyssey for your event. To facilitate bulk license purchases, we kindly invite you to fill out the contact form on our website. By doing so, not only will you be able to take advantage of special discounts tailored for events like yours, but you'll also become eligible to join our Quantum Ambassadors program. This program offers unique opportunities and benefits designed to enhance your event and connect you more deeply with the quantum computing community. We look forward to supporting your event and welcoming you as a Quantum Ambassador!
  • Can I purchase subscriptions to Quantum Odyssey instead of permanent licenses?
    Yes, absolutely! We offer flexible subscription options for Quantum Odyssey to best meet the diverse needs of our users. If you're interested in exploring subscription possibilities instead of permanent licenses, we encourage you to get in touch with us via the Contact form on our website. Please share your specific needs and requirements, and we will promptly respond with a customized offer tailored to your situation. We're here to ensure you have the best possible experience with Quantum Odyssey, tailored to fit your unique circumstances.
  • Are there any community forums or support groups for Quantum Odyssey players?
    Yes, we have a vibrant community of Quantum Odyssey players! You can join our forums and Discord server to ask for support, discuss strategies, share experiences, and get help from both the development team and other active players. Links to our community platforms can be found on our website.
  • Who can I contact for technical support or feedback?
    For technical support, feedback, or any other inquiries, please contact our support team through the contact form on our website or talk to the Admins of our community on Discord. We're here to help make your Quantum Odyssey experience as enjoyable as possible!


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