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After five years of development, Quantum Odyssey is set for its official release in Q3 2024. This software turns the vast field of Quantum Information Science into an engaging video game, available for purchase on Steam. We aim to demonstrate that challenges in Quantum Information Science are essentially enjoyable puzzles and that even 12-year-olds can solve and enjoy the journey.

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We Bringing Quantum Algorithms to Life

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We take pride in having developed the world's most efficient quantum algorithms training software, which has been proven to transform individuals of any age and background into proficient quantum computing practitioners in just a few weeks.

For Educators

For Self-Directed Learners

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import numpy as np 
from numpy import array
from qiskit import QuantumCircuit,QuantumRegister,ClassicalRegister 
gate_cap =4
qc = QuantumCircuit(QuantumRegister(2), ClassicalRegister(2)) 
unit=array([[1.+0.j, 0.+0.j, 0.+0.j, 0.+0.j],
       [0.+0.j, 1.+0.j, 0.+0.j, 0.+0.j],
       [0.+0.j, 0.+0.j, 0.+0.j, 1.+0.j],
       [0.+0.j, 0.+0.j, 1.+0.j, 0.+0.j
qubits=[0, 1
qc.measure(qc.qregs[0][0], qc.cregs[0][1]) 
qc.measure(qc.qregs[0][1], qc.cregs[0][0]) 

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Our Social Mission Explained

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