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The 1st Prize

What an amazing way to start 2024: Quarks Interactive's Quantum Odyssey received the First Prize award at PatriotFest, Romania's government-led platform where institutions such as Serviciul Roman de InformatiiMinisterul Apararii NationaleServiciul de Telecomunicații Speciale and other select and reward projects that can be used in training and bettering national security in highly technical fields. 

Quantum Odyssey won first place in the category "Creativity for National Security" and we understand this paves the way for discussions on how our software can accommodate training needs in the Quantum Information Sciences field for the military and public organizations in our home country and other NATO members.

A massive THANK YOU to Diana Nitescu for spending countless hours preparing and submitting our nominalization and representing us on stage!

I also want to thank EEA and Norway Grants for funding the development of Quantum Odyssey. Without this brilliant program, this wouldn't be possible.

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