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News from South Korea!

We are very happy to see the first article about our work at Quarks Interactive written in the Korean language and published by the prestigious Hankyung magazine!

We've come a long way, from a startup bootstrapped by programmers with a passion for quantum physics from a small mountain town in the middle of Romania's Carpathian mountains, to the international recognition we have now. We established this year long lasting partnerships and received funding from DigiQ, EEA and Norway Grants, WOMANIUM, K-Startup Grand Challenge Program, NORMA Group and brilliant Tech Angels from all over the world.

We now have an active presence in Korea. Our software, Quantum Odyssey, while still in Early Access and simply through word of mouth distribution has been bought by people from over 100 countries!

Thank you Jarrod Luo, CSO of Quarks Interactive for all your fine work in expanding our company to Asia!

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