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Our platform is no-code, no-math, directly compiling into quantum hardware-ready code.

Beginners aged 12+ master solving quantum state compilation problems in mere days.

Experts can swiftly refine PoCs across their full Hilbert space, in real-time.

We offer an accredited and immersive QIS learning platform, founded on a novel learning framework.

Our aim is to establish a central hub for PoC algorithms, powered by a broad, multidisciplinary community.


An Award Winning Educational Game

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Quantum Odyssey received the First Prize award at PatriotFest, Romania's government-led platform where institutions such as Romanian Intelligence Service, Ministry of National Defense and the Romanian Special Telecommunications Service, select and reward projects that can be used in training and bettering national security in highly technical fields.

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Quantum Odyssey is a game-changer in science education. The immersive computer game and innovative board game collaboration simplify quantum computing for

Claudia Fracchiolla

APS Head of Public Engagement | APS - Advancing Physics

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There are dozens of great community resources for teaching quantum technologies out there online, but I have not encountered one as polished, refined, and FUN as Quantum Odyssey. The Sci-fi graphics and feel make it 

Simon Goorney

Head of operations at DigiQ QTEdu community coordinator

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 We have enjoyed working with Quarks Interactive and using Quantum Odyssey for our program. It is a powerful and innovative tool that has helped us achieve our goals 

Vardaan Sahgal

Quantum Software & Solutions Head, Womanium
Quantum Solutions Launchpad (QSL) 

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We rely heavily on Quantum Odyssey in our course entitled "The Basics of Quantum Information", to teach young engineers at TUCN Cluj-Napoca the concepts of  

Mrs. Larisa-Milena Pioras-Timbolas

Dr. Levente Mathe

Dr. Liviu Zarbo

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Supported by two grants from Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway through the EEA Grants Romania 2014-2021, in the frame of the SME Growth Programme Romania.
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Quarks Interactive is a founding member

The European Union has initiated a groundbreaking endeavor aimed at establishing digitally enhanced master's programs designed to impart cutting-edge knowledge in the field of quantum technologies at its leading universities.
Quantum Odyssey is the flagship learning platform within the framework of DigiQ.
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We're responding to the market's growing demand for enabling those without traditional physics backgrounds to harness quantum computing. Born from the urgent need to broaden the talent pool as quantum computers near mainstream adoption, our commitment is to democratize quantum computing for all. We strive to empower individuals and educational institutions to embrace and enhance their understanding of quantum technologies. Central to our mission is not only accelerating the adoption of these cutting-edge technologies but also swiftly uniting diverse communities to navigate and contribute to the quantum computing landscape together.

Our Mission

Stay up-to-date with the latest developments and trends in quantum computing by reading articles from our expert team.

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