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Partner with us to harness the power of interactive quantum learning and problem-solving tools. We offer custom solutions for schools, universities, and industries, enabling you to tailor quantum education and training to your specific needs. By completing our programs you are eligible for certificates in different fields of quantum expertise.

Our Services

No Code, No Math

We built the world’s most complete, fun, engaging, all-visual, no-code, rigorous-to-science, feels-like-a-video game standalone platform capable of turning a non–expert into an actual Quantum Computing practitioner.

For Industry

Unleash the power of quantum learning with our immersive game, designed for both teachers and aspiring quantum enthusiasts. Equip yourself with cutting-edge knowledge, earn certifications, and open doors to a career in the quantum industry. Transform education into exploration and turn curiosity into a quantum career journey!

For Educators

Bespoke interactive ecosystem to learn and/or improve the literacy on quantum computing. Designed to be used by educational institutions and organizations to speed up the learning curve of their students or workforce, and internalize faster (and in a friendly way) complex operations made in quantum machines.


Empower your future alongside our esteemed partners! Our solutions provide the certifications you need to seamlessly advance your education and unlock diverse career opportunities within the global quantum industries.

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