The quantum industry may be serious business, but a quantum gaming startup is planning to make quantum a seriously fun business. Quarks Interactive, a startup in the quantum computing gaming space, is working with the leading quantum scientists and gaming experts to help build one of the first games that will encourage non-scientists to learn and explore the field of quantum computing and quantum science. The ultimate goal of the project, though, is to create a quantum ready world by leveraging the

By rethinking the way quantum algorithms are designed today and the methods used to teach quantum computation, a small startup has developed a fully visual and gamified method to learn quantum physics and design quantum computing algorithms. The learning method proposed by Quark Interactive replaces Dirac’s bra-ket notation and linear algebra used today, with a fun and visual puzzle-building approach to be used in learning or discovering new quantum algorithms. This new method is capable of faithfully representing algorithm building using

Quantum Computing is everywhere these days in the media, with articles appearing in print from established publications such as Forbes and the FT. Many agencies and governments around the world are asking the question about how best they can encourage the public to learn and understand Quantum technologies which seems to be quickly appearing on the horizon. Some smart researchers have been working on ways to make understanding Quantum Computers easier through the power of playing games. We Interview the founder